- ​Mike Kovac  |  January 13th 2017

I shared last month that I was invited by Ann to the Prison in Airway Heights to collect hats that were made by a man who is serving a life term. 

Today, Mike and I were asked back. This time to actually meet many other inmates face to face. Encouraged by the man who made the hats and our appreciative and embracing hearts for the hats. They have decided to create a Pilot program just for BUTB! A group of men in prison will take clothing from past and present inmates that were wore the day they came in. Instead of taking them to the incinerator they will save these along with past worn prison outfits and create big thick quilts for BUTB!!! They are adding this program to help these men be productive while they are locked up.

After going through extensive security, sign ins and different doors, leading to another door that led us out to their world, my heart slowly became heavier and heavier. A tear almost popped out. I wasn't scared at all. Just a revelation that everything in my life led up to that moment. A place I've never been or seen in my life, but only on TV. I walked on to a compound where 2200 inmates spend their days, lives and years for their past mistakes. (For security reasons I couldn't take pics)We walked through another set of doors that led us to a gym of hundreds of inmates playing basketball. They stared as we walked through them. We finally arrived to a room where we would personally meet the men who signed up to sew and make these quilts. There were men of all types, race and age. Tall, short, strong, and shy. I wanted to make a point to look them in the eyes and smile waiting to share. What ever they have done to reach that part in their road. It led me to the same place, even if it was just for an hour. Mike and I shook every single inmates hand and said thank you. They were happy, humble and honored to help the homeless and we felt the exact same way to have them do it. I realized God really does takes us all into different places in our life to teach or show us something. It doesn't really matter what side of the bar or building you are on. Stay tuned for the progress.