I write with an extremely heavy heart tonight.
We face yet another loss-- the fourth one in 2 months. This one is very intense on so many levels and for so many reasons.

   Many of you know the story of Homer Hill. Homer is the reason Blessings Under the Bridge exists.

    My heart is so heavy right now as I try to process his story, his life that God somehow wrapped me up in. My first step out under the bridge 8 years ago with a brown bag meal led to a man's redemption, a saved marriage and a non-profit organization. But even more, I see so clearly that Homer always had a calling. God had a plan, a mission for him. For the past 4 years he's been living out that plan and that mission.
    He reconciled his life with his family, restored hope in his daughter and redeemed himself as a father and a man. Heather fought hard and lived longer than the doctors ever thought we would. She held on to every second she had with her dad. At 39, she beat the average life expectancy for someone with CF, but her little body finally let go. He was able to tell her, "It's okay to go baby girl."
    Homer said she had suffered so much this last year. She was in and out of the hospital, in pain, but he did what he could, always by her side. This story is so intense I couldn't possibly share it all. Heather was beautiful, with a little girl's heart who just wanted to live a happy life but struggled most of the life she lived.
    Homer may be coming back to Spokane soon, where Mike will care for him in his last days. I never thought this man's story would come full circle. Some say I gave Heather and Homer the best gift by reuniting them and letting him make up for lost time. All I feel is honored to be part of a plan so much bigger that I can't possibly make sense of it or put it into words.
    Homer you're a good man! I am so proud of you. You are my inspiration. Heather knew you loved her and you gave her what she longed for all her life. God will honor you for that.

Please pray for Homer and Heather's family.

    He's the man who changed my husband's life. He's the man who was homeless for 28 years. We met Homer in 2007 and after Mike and Homer built a strong bond, like father and son, we eventually transitioned him off the streets.
    Homer was a very ill man, but sweet and charming. In 2010 I had a strong urge to find the family he had left 28 years prior. He had a daughter he referred to as his baby girl, named Heather. She was 8 years old when he left Ohio. Without much information, but God's help, I was able to find his family.
    A few months later we took Homer, at 59, on his very first plane ride to Florida to be with his family. His daughter Heather had Cystic Fibrosis, a debilitating lung disease for which there is no cure. But even more, for those past 17 years Heather and her family thought Homer was dead!

​    When I initially reached out to her, she didn't believe he was alive.

 Soon after talking and sending pictures to her though, she just wanted her daddy. It was her dying wish to make his ticket one way. The Spokesman Review wrote an article about Homer,  A Long Way From Home. Homer honored that wish. He moved to Jacksonville and stayed with Heather until she passed away last night.
   Heather had a very hard life during the 28 years Homer was away. She was molested, raped, lost a child, and gave birth to a mentally disabled, sweet boy named Jordan, all while living with a terminal illness.

HOMER:​​    |    Jessica Kovac |  November 10th 2007

    Two years ago she lost her loving mother, Homers ex-wife, Theresa. Theresa was the care taker for Heather and Homer. When she passed it left Homer to care for Heather in between nurse visits.

    Homer changed her diapers and stayed strong for her even though he is very weak today and dealing with his own declining health. He gave his word to his baby girl and stood by it, even through some rough times. After all he was a drifter.